Email-Marketing - Types, Methods and Strategies
Email-Marketing - Types, Methods and Strategies

What is Email Marketing? Types, Methods and Strategies

Email Marketing is still one of the go-to Digital Marketing strategy for many companies. The reason is is simply that sending e-mails is considered an effective way of  building connections with customers.

Email is one of the oldest forms of digital communication—but it’s also one of the most effective digital marketing strategies out there. Email marketing is still ranked as the most effective marketing channel, beating out social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

How could that be? Instead of being curious, let’s find out in the article below.

What is Email Marketing?

Understanding email marketing is one strategy that can provide two positive results, namely building relationships with customers while introducing your products, both goods and services in a clear and detailed manner.

Although social media is most widely used for direct promotion, email marketing continues to support business people, especially in the field of online in increasing the number of customers.


Actually, an example of email marketing is the same as when you are writing a letter to someone. It starts with a greeting, then an opening paragraph, then continues with the contents of the letter stating your purpose in sending the message, until at the end of the letter there is a Call to Action (CTA) to buy or use the products you offer.

Types of Email Marketing

Apparently, email marketing has many types, friend, so it can be adjusted to the needs of the business promotion process later. What are the types?

1. Invitation email

As the name implies, invitation email is devoted to informing customers about events that will be held by business people.

An example of email marketing is for example you are a Web Developer and you are planning to hold a webinar related to the web Development by inviting top influencers in this field, then you can inform audience via email invitations.

In the email, you can inform when the webinar will be held, whether paid or free, to the location of the event. If customers are interested, they can directly contact the contact you pinned in the invitation email.

2. Digest email

This type of email marketing relies on emailing lists to manage how many target email customers are addressed and the duration of the delivery time.

A simple example, in a day, you want to send marketing emails to 10 customers. Well, later on, you can rearrange the email delivery process as needed, whether you want it to be set per day / week / month, up to the number of email recipients, it can be 10, 20, even 100 people per day.

3. Newsletter

Prioritizing informative elements is the hallmark of email marketing newsletters. Understanding email marketing newsletters are messages that contain various kinds of information, ranging from promos, event plans, discount vouchers, to the latest product offers.

The importance of Email Marketing

Although it looks simple, the benefits of email marketing have an important role to maintain communication and increase relationships between businesses and customers.

Moreover, this email is usually sent regularly to customers, so the information provided is also of course updated. That way the customer feels the relationship will continue all the time.

The advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the marketing strategies that have been implemented in many companies, both small and large. This is due to the following advantages.

1. Easy

Using email as a marketing strategy is one easy way to get customers online. Of course, everyone has the basics of writing and stringing words to convey the information they want to convey, not least when promoting something.

2. Low Cost

It’s no secret that low cost is one of the reasons this email marketing strategy is so popular. If in the past it required greater costs and time wasted just to carry out the marketing process, now relying on smart devices and internet connections, marketing is much more effective and efficient.

3. More Income

Even though the results are not instant, the advantage of email marketing is that it can increase revenue significantly. Report from glints says, the benefits of using this strategy can reach 81% more customers compared to using social media marketing such as Twitter or Instagram.

4. The target audience is already affordable

. Because the email sent is certain to reach an audience who is really interested in your business, so the information conveyed is right on target.

5. Instant impact

Of course, email marketing will show instant results, even if the development is gradual. So, you can also know whether the emails sent encourage customers to make transactions or not.

How Email Marketing works

Email marketing is quite easy to implement. The first step is to write the mail you want to send, then the email server will automatically send it to the email address and end with the storage process, so that the email recipient can see it at any time.

How to start Email Marketing

Well, if you want to start trying marketing strategies using this email, there are a few things you need to know, friend. Here’s the explanation.

1. Understand customer habits

The most basic thing is to understand how the habits of the customers you are targeting are.

For example, your product is suitable for young people who seem relaxed and creative. Well, you can take advantage of this by setting up marketing emails using designs and language that appeal to young people.

2. Group customers

The next way to create email marketing is to group customers. Like you grouping old and new customers with different message delivery.

3. Create sales target via email

The next step is to create sales targets. To set a sales target, you can research what the average sales are from email.

Later, you can determine within a certain time period, how many emails you want to send to customers and what messages you want to convey in each sending session.

For example, in the first week you submit general information and in the next week you send offers and discounts.

4. Determine the type of campaign

Based on the customer grouping, you need to determine what type of campaign is suitable, for example sending emails in the form of newsletters, digest emails, or others.

5. Evaluate the results.

Don’t forget to evaluate the results, so you know if the business strategy you are doing is able to achieve the set target or not.

Email Marketing Strategy

While email Marketing you need to keep following strategies in your mind :

  • Setting up email marketing tools (such as GetResponse and Mailchimp tools to help you find out which form of email attracts the audience’s interest)
  • Compiling an email list (also make sure the arrangement of the emails you create is structured neatly)
  • Build an email list segmentation (well, you can classify new customers based on several things, such as the first time they subscribed to the location segmentation where they know your business, whether from blogs or social media)
  • Sending email in bulk (sending email in bulk of course will really helps you in sending emails to many people, even up to hundreds at a time)
  • Increase email open rate (make sure you understand how the message is conveyed to the audience, so that the possibility of email sent will be read)
  • Prevent marketing emails from going to spam (use trusted hosting and don’t use words like “cheap” or “limited offer” because they will be detected as annoying messages and end up going to the spam folder)
  • Analyzing email marketing performance (such as using bounce rate to find out when other people close your email, open rate for find out what percentage of emails are opened to the number of emails delivered to determine the success of incoming emails to customers)
  • Using automatic replies (to respond to the audience faster)
  • Optimizing mobile email marketing (because almost 50% of people access email via a mobile device, so make sure your email design is compatible with the display on a smartphone)

That’s all you needed to know about email marketing ranging from types, advantages, how it works, strategy, to its importance for business. So, do you think email marketing is suitable to be used as a mainstream marketing strategy?

If you want to know more about marketing tips, you can learn about them on the Younis Majeed blog, here.


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