What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing: An Ultimate Step by Step Guide

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, Affiliate Marketing is a marketing/business method where someone who serves as an affiliate will get a certain amount of commission after successfully promoting a merchant’s product.

It’s not always individual people who join the affiliate programs. Groups of people or even companies are welcome to join the available affiliate programs.

In general, there are three parties involved in the Affiliate Marketing System, namely:

  • Merchant — This party is also sometimes referred to as the creator or brand . Whatever it is called, this party holds ownership of a product.
  • Affiliate — An affiliate is a person who influences people to buy a product. Generally, an affiliate is a blogger, Instagram influencer, or a company that focuses on affiliate marketing.
  • Customers — From the name alone, we can conclude that this party will make a purchase for a product promoted by the affiliate.

In recent times, Almost everyone is offering affiliate marketing programs, So you have to be really selective. Choose a program that suits your wants and needs in order to get the best and profitable results.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate marketers, also known as affiliates , earn money by becoming a salesperson for a company. Later this affiliate earns profits in the form of commissions or referral fees every time someone makes a purchase through the promotions offered.

Generally, an affiliate will get a special link or banner to be placed on their website.

Well , to take part in this program, the very first thing you have to do is find an individual, group, or company that offers affiliate marketing and apply for a partnership in order to sell their product or service.

Before you end with agreeing, at least you have done your research first and found out more about whether the form of cooperation that will be undertaken will provide fair results.

How Can Affiliates Get Profits?

Unlike the case with marketers, merchants are people or companies that create and own products or services to be promoted. They have to set aside some funds to pay the affiliate program member commissions.

Merchants need to calculate payment commissions. The higher the commission given, the more people who are interested in becoming an affiliate and promoting their products.

Fortunately, there are many options merchants can offer affiliates . For example, commissions can be given in the form of bonuses, coupons for customers, or free products.

Strategies Required By Affiliates

Let’s just say you are a blogger. You plan to affiliate with a brand to promote their products on your site. Here are some effective tips for you to make it easier to bring in clients/customers.

1. Create Quality Content

There are many reasons why content marketing is the key to your success in running an affiliate partnership.

First, quality content will be easier to attract the attention of readers and increase website traffic. These two aspects will determine how much commission you get from the affiliate marketing program.

Second, merchants prefer to work with content creators who really understand what they are doing. No merchant wants to collaborate with bloggers who produce low quality content.

Therefore, you must guarantee that the content and promotional posts created are of superior quality.

2. Implement SEO

As an affiliate, you want the product being promoted to reach various groups and audiences. One way is to optimize SEO.

With good quality SEO, ranking blogs and posts made will reap great results in search engines. What’s more, posts will appear in searches related to your target market.

Use keywords or keywords that have a relationship with the product to be promoted. After that, apply the principles of SEO, content optimization, and track the increase in traffic.

3. Using Social Media

Creating quality content on the website is not enough. You need to implement a social media strategy for business , because this media is another very effective marketing tool to increase brand awareness. 

To bring in more traffic and broaden your audience, share your blog posts on social media. Develop a strategy and make sure your posts can reach as many people as possible and get satisfying engagement .

4. Upselling

With the upselling method, you can get more profit because you sell a product at a higher price. However, applying this method does not mean that you are free to ‘badise’ the quality of other products.

Give a brief explanation to customers why the product being promoted is more feasible to buy and is able to meet their needs or be a solution to their problems.

Customers who used to just want to look around can turn into loyal customers. Because they feel that spending some money to buy the product is not in vain, they will come back again and buy it or check other products.

Best Affiliate Network

Can’t wait to join the affiliate program? Come on, check the list of services and companies below. Each of them has advantages that you can take into consideration when starting affiliate marketing in order to earn a certain amount of commission through your website.

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates has an affiliate marketing program that asks affiliates to place ads on their site. Every purchase made through the ad link generates a certain amount of referral fees that you can claim.

To join the Amazon Associates affiliate program, it’s very easy. Register yourself by creating an account on the Amazon website, then wait until the registration is approved, then if successful, you can immediately place a link on the site to earn money.

One of the reasons why Amazon deserves to be on your list of considerations is its already great popularity. You will get reliable affiliate services and visitors can see the various products available on the Amazon site – this way, the opportunity for buying and selling transactions will be more wide open.

What’s more, the given banner can be customized. You can display items or products related to your niche . For example, if your blog discusses information about motorcycles and their intricacies, the promotions seen by site visitors are motorcycle parts or engines, helmets, jackets, etc.

2. Hostinger Affiliate

The Hostinger affiliate program has lots of great offers for its members who are able to promote its hosting services to new users.

Hostinger promises an unlimited 60% commission. What’s more, it’s easy for you to promote Hostinger products because of its credibility as one of the best web hosting providers .

One of the advantages of a Hostinger affiliate is that you can do upselling to increase your profit. This is because Hostinger provides various hosting packages at different prices.

The registration process is very fast, you could even say less than a minute. Once the account is successfully verified, you will get access to the affiliate dashboard. Through this dashboard, you can optimize, manage and track your affiliate campaigns.

Hostinger will also provide you with various types of banners that can be tailored to the theme and appearance of your website. With these advantages, you don’t have to worry anymore if the affiliate link will reduce the user experience .

3. Commission Junction

CJ is an advertising company that focuses on affiliate marketing. This company connects affiliates and merchants to work together.

Not only that, Commission Junction also provides professional guidance so that affiliates can reach a wider audience. To join this program, you do not need to pay a penny.

Because it’s also free, you can take advantage of this opportunity to spread your wings, by working with more than one brand through affiliate marketing programs. This is also what Commission Junction wants. The more often you collaborate, the more open your opportunities to affiliate with big brands that give you more money or commissions.


By becoming an affiliate, you can generate passive income from the website. If the number of audience increases, your income will also increase.

Here are three ways to dive into the world of affiliates:

  1. Look for companies or services that offer customized affiliate programs or join affiliate networks.
  2. Wait until the affiliate registration is approved and discuss the collaboration if possible.
  3. Show ads and promote your brand on your website. Use the affiliate marketing strategy we explained earlier so that your coffers are getting thicker.

Hostinger has a very attractive affiliate marketing program: you will earn a commission per sale of 60% !

Written by Younis Majeed

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