Top 5 SEO Responsive Wordpress themes

Top 5 Free SEO Responsive WordPress Themes

One of the marketing that you can do is to have a website. An SEO Friendly Website can make your readers or potential customers feel at home for long on the website.

You will have a higher number of visits and a lower bounce rate . That way you can have a greater chance of persuading other people to buy the product or service that you offer. Interesting, right? Here I have listed the Top 5 free SEO Responsive WordPress themes for you.

Free, Is it a Good Choice?

Are you still hesitant to use free WordPress themes? Don’t be surprised if you still have doubts about free WordPress themes . Indeed, there are still many people who feel that free themes are less reliable.

Just because they are free, people think that these themes don’t have good facilities. In fact, there are lots of free WordPress themes that are no less good than paid premium themes. 

The proof, there are lots of free SEO responsive WordPress themes. But here are a few recommended Free WordPress Themes that you should try on your WordPress Website.

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Top 5 Free SEO Responsive WordPress Themes

Everly Lite

Everly Lite provides a simple and minimalist look to your website. However, it still looks elegant. This one is suitable for all types of websites. Can be used for manufacturing or service businesses. Also suitable for bloggers who regularly post. Freelance content writers can also use this free theme .

This theme is perfect for websites that contain long writings typical of bloggers. Everly Lite has also been optimized for SEO. and will definitely help to climb up the google search rank charts.


If you like simple WordPress themes, OceanWP could be one of your choices. You may have visited many websites that use this theme .

OceanWP is widely known and used. Of course, the theme has become a favorite of many people. Because, apart from being optimized for SEO, OceanWP also has complete navigation features and is very friendly for users who use mobile phones.


Just like Everly Lite, Illdy is also a WordPress theme that can be used for various purposes. The design is deliberately made multi-purpose so that it can be flexible to be used by many groups.

Not only that, Illdy has many features widgets, icons and shortcodes that are ready to use. You can also use the WordPress Live Customizer with the theme . The theme is also compatible with several plugins that support SEO such as Yoast SEO and Contact Form 7.


The design is simple but still looks great. The main advantage of this theme is that it is also very friendly for users who use mobile phones. Users can access the website with any device.

Shapely  is also compatible with various types of SEO-enabled plugins.


Just like Shapely , Simpleshift also has a simple appearance but still pleasing to the eye. The theme has a Live Customizer feature so you can customize it with a live preview.

Simpleshift also has several custom widgets to complement the website. The theme is also suitable for landing pages .

So that was the list guys, let me know what you think of the list. Would you like to recommend a theme that you like and think that it should be included in the post. Drop your suggestions in the comments below. I would update this post from time to time. So keep checking it. Peace.


Written by Younis Majeed

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