Tips to maintain Customer Retention
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Important Steps to Maintain Customer Retention

Maintaining customer retention is something that is very important for business, especially in a situation like now with the post pandemic life whose impact was very much felt by everyone around the world.

How not, in the midst of a pandemic like now, the presence of loyal customers can ensure the business continues to earn income so that it can continue to survive. If customers stop coming or instead switch to competitors in this difficult situation, the business will certainly be affected. Therefore, maintaining customer retention rates is important.

Then, what can be done so that customer retention can be maintained so that the business can continue to run?

Know in advance the current level of customer retention

Have you ever, when you came to a restaurant or any place of business, the waiter there gave some kind of customer satisfaction survey to fill out?

This kind of survey is very useful to find out how high the level of customer satisfaction can affect their retention rate. The higher the level of customer satisfaction, the higher the retention rate.

By knowing the level of retention and satisfaction possessed by customers, business actors can improve some parts of their business that still need to be improved or even highlighted as a mainstay. Placing the right questions in the survey for customers to fill out will really help with this.

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Improve Product Knowledge

Product knowledge or product knowledge must not only be mastered by employees, but can also be given to customers.

For employees, most business actors probably already know why this product knowledge must be mastered. Because employees who don’t have product knowledge will definitely have trouble selling these products to potential buyers because they don’t know what advantages they have to convince and ensure the transaction is successful. Then, what is the importance of product knowledge for the customer itself?

Providing product knowledge to customers helps them realize the added value that our products have over similar products offered by competitors. Thus, the possibility of these customers to switch to competitors can be avoided.

If you pay attention, there are many reliable business social media channels that are not only used as digital storefronts, but also as media to ‘tell’ the history and advantages of their products and services. The same concept is actually being applied by these business actors to ensure customers can feel close to their products.

Actively Requesting Customer Feedback

Remember that it is impossible for one person to please everyone. From one thing, no matter how good it is, there must be something missing. This is where input from customers is needed.

By actively seeking input from customers, a business actor can no longer stand in an ivory tower and feel that the product or service he offers is okay. It could be that what has been doing well so far actually has shortcomings that can be corrected, but because they have never received input, they don’t know what needs to be improved.

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In addition to ensuring that the quality of the products and services they have continues to improve, seeking and listening to input from customers can also make them feel cared for; it can even foster a sense of ownership when customers realize that their quality improvement is actually based on their own views.

When a customer has a high sense of belonging to a product, the customer retention rate can be easily maintained or even raised higher. This sense of belonging can be used as a mainstay so that customers do not easily switch to similar products from business competitors.

Improving Service Quality

Feedback from customers is not only useful for improving the quality of the products and services provided, but also the quality of services provided when selling the product or service itself.

It seems simple, indeed, but any good product or service will not sell easily if the services provided are only modest. If a business actor wants to maintain the level of satisfaction and retention owned by his customers, product quality is not the only thing that must be considered, but also the services provided.

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Ask yourself again, is there an SOP so that employees serve customers who come with a friendly greeting or smile? Pay attention to how the service provided to customers is, is it warm enough and makes customers feel at home or does it seem bitchy and sells expensive?

There are also many businesses that cannot develop even though they have the best quality products and services just because the services provided cannot make customers feel at home. If that’s the case, don’t be surprised if customers end up running away and turning to competitors, right?

Maintaining customer retention is one of the crucial steps to ensure the business can continue to run; especially during the pandemic where some customers prefer to stay at home and only travel as necessary. Do not let customers who finally come to the place of business decide not to want to come back again because you were not able to maintain the level of their satisfaction.


Written by Younis Majeed

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