Hello guys,

I welcome you all to my website. Hope you are enjoying the content I post here.

My name is Younis Majeed and I am the creator of this site (duh…) I really like web development and for the past 5-6 years I have developed many websites and blogs. some good some shit. I mainly wrote about tech and How you can create your own websites.

But here I am writing about Digital Marketing, How you can establish your business online and make money: lets be honest everyone in the end wants to make money. So here in this website I’m sharing my 6 year experience. I learned the hard way, you don’t have to.

Lets venture in this journey together and walk to a better version of ourself one step at a time. If your want to have a chat use the Contact form or simply drop a mail. I will get to you as soon as possible.

What you will find in this Website

You will find a lot of random content on the website, but I’m trying to mainly focus on a few topics. here they are.

Digital Marketing

How to get your business or whatever you are doing, online and market it to possible customers. How to boost customer engagement and in turn boost sales.

Email Marketing

It’s a type of digital marketing where your mode of engagement with your customers is email. Email sounds old now-a-days in the time of video, chat and snaps. But trust me I myself am surprised by the conversion rate that email has. so…

Social Media Marketing

Here the mode of engagement is (you guessed it…) Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. If you take a look at Facebook Ads, It gives you access to target anything you want – age, gender, area, language, interests. Think of the possibility, How effective your campaigns can be.

Web Development

Well, we are talking about How to market our products. but How can we forget the first step. How to establish our business online. How to create a website for our business. so the marketing campaigns, ads, emails will redirect to. Here I will guide you step by step on How you can create a website and make it appealing to the customers.